Disclosure! The Truth as you knew it to be!

This piece of news surfaced a few days ago and is being swept under the rug as soon with post haste. I think it is pinnacle we become aware of not only possibilities but the immediate truths that government and corporations do not want us to see. This post is a little off topic for this blog but i feel it’s important enough to impose its relevance.

Here is a link to the information disclosed by the Canadian Minister of Defense.


Lets not be lead astray and down a recessive social structure mimicking the medieval ages. We need no ruling class but opportunity to advance the human race. Let us all be unified and organized but not behind a shadow government that strangles your livelihood and rights.



Listening to music while you’re writing or illustrating has been an issue of debate. Half want to say its an unforgivable distraction. It tears you away from your purpose and ensures no work gets done. The counter argument is that it fills the void between boredom and production. Personally I have a feeling that experts just love to disagree as people in said field are intrigued by the drama.

Those that have read End of Legend: In Search of the Warrior Queen and End of Legend: Death to the Gods know where my perspective lie. In the pretext i always affix a playlist that coincide with specific events in the book. It’s somewhat of a sound track for the book. Every blue moon I get asked why do i feel its important to include something like that in literature. The answer is almost a book itself.

I emphatically feel that music is a powerful driving force! Tempo, rhythm, percussion and melody transcends any language barrier. A chunky drum beat, a racy guitar rift, a piercing violin solo…they can carry meaning or explanations that require no words.In some instances my words seem inferior next to the strum of a harp or blast of a brass instrument.

As you can tell I’m an avid daydreamer. Music seems to inspire and guide my train of thought. Some of my favorite songs will spur the same dream over and over. That dream grows from a fledgling to a full blown saga. This is how the End of Legend series was born.

I often see music as motion. I really want the readers to understand the pace and flow of my imagination. This is also why i like having a playlist in my books. Where writing a series of events may get difficult the music seems to take away the confusion. There was a funny experiment i tried with a few friends. They were rather adamant about reading and listening to music at the same time but i was very persuasive. A free home cooked dinner and a copy of the playlist sealed the deal. Later i asked them about specific fights and events that i cued music to. The results were surprisingly unexpected! Despite my words everyone saw the events in their minds slightly different! Next to the music the words were just guidelines. The music actually spurred their own imagination and they saw a more tailored experience! I thought that was really interesting!

Surprisingly again the more i listened to music and daydreamed my characters developed a sort of musical personality! For instance, the Ash Queen always acts and is in tune with 80’s dance (Stay by Sash! for example). She always try to seem happy around Nathan but there’s a small hint of business and control in that kind of music. Since her swordsmanship and Warrior Queen magic revolves around dancing her personality blossomed from that genre. The god-sworn child Zid often becomes driven and blinded by his rage. His personality is definitely metal (I-E-A-I-A-I-O by System of a Down). Mir often has the same intense rage but with a taste of spoiled brat. Her elegance and ballet training remarkably fits in smoothly with rap music(Fireman by lil wayne). Bishop , the wolf dog, is very instinctual and primal! He is definitely dubstep (Crippled Camel by Downlink)! Nathan ,the main character, is a melting pot of heritage! He’s anything from Zydeco to punk! He is a very adaptive and fluid character.

In conclusion i believe music is master to All! It spurs my artistic process. My literature and illustrations flourish due to the inspiration it provides. If you are going to start writing I say give it a try with music! It may surprise you!

Listening to music while you’re writing or illustrating

Science and Science Fiction


I frequently check tech blogs and have subscriptions to magazines like Popular Science. Today i wanted to write about how fascinating science can be. With each day that passes i feel the line blurring between science and science fiction. I seriously feel the day will come when authors like myself will no longer be writing fiction but whole truths made possible by science!

Instance number one. In many video games and movies there has always been a luring to glowing plants, seeds, and shrubby. Such a phenomenon is physically beautiful and inspiring. As of late it may no longer be a mystery. There is a kickstarter program where a group of scientists are embracing this field of study. A certain donation amount guarantees you seeds of the bioluminescent  tree under development. The really cool part is that their vision doesn’t stop at having a cool looking plant in your living room. These bioluminescent trees can replace light posts on streets and in parks! They require no bulbs, miles of conduit or maintenance. They are cheap to produce and dispose of.

Instance number two! Free and massive amounts of energy! This can lead to anything from Death Stars to Neo Tron-like cities! First off an overlooked element call thorium! It has now been labeled as the holy grail of nuclear energy! This element has NO POSSIBILITY FOR NUCLEAR MELTDOWN and is super cheap! It is as plentiful as aluminum which is found every so many feet on the crust of the earth’s surface. Easy to mine and cultivate. Secondly a scientists at the University of Connecticut has developed a nano antenna array for solar energy. It transfers thermal energy directly in to electrical energy without the need for a converter. The best solar panels we have now work at 20-25% efficiency. This new antenna array boasts a 70% efficiency! Next is ions! I believe this is humankind like source of propulsion and energy. Our world is full of it! Scientists want to pull ions from the earth’s stratosphere and use it to power cities and vehicles! No test has been conducted on this scale as of yet but laboratory tests are proving fruitful!

Lastly I do believe we are on the verge of achieving what every good sci-fi spaceship has. A warp drive! A former NASA propulsion engineer has been working on the project for years. As of late his scenarios and simulations has achieved remarkable results! The basics involve a probe at the front of a ship. This probe emits negative energy that flows backwards and envelops the ship. When the negative energy meets at the back of the ship it meets resistance  with positive energy that pushes the vehicle forward. Of course there are critics. His peers say there is no way to create that amount of negative energy considering most of the universe is positive energy. Well, my take is people cried impossible when negative energy was just a theory but that didn’t stop it from being discovered. People were adamant about traveling at the speed of light being impossible but here ,in a logic simulator, it is proven to be possible. We were taught a lot of wrong things in class growing up. Oil comes from dinosaur bones, Pluto is a planet, gravity equals mass…etc Gravity has proven to be a byproduct of velocity not mass! Do you know how long that so-called truth has held us back? New theories now involve devices moving at the same speed of the earth. Doing so creates a magnetic field separate but equal to the earth’s gravity field. Do you know what that means? Anti-gravity vehicles and the like! I say just give it some time and we will find the real truths of the universe.

I find discoveries like these to be inspiring! Our imaginations may no longer be seeds of impossibility. I look forward to seeing such visions come to surface! If you guys really want a good look into the future I highly recommend visiting the Venus Project in Florida. I went this year and it blew my mind! Check it!




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Let’s do it!


Just wanted to introduce myself even though the post is a little hasty! I’m Damion Willis. Just here to have some fun and introduce my books to the world (End of Legend: In Search of the Warrior Queen and End of Legend: Death to the Gods)! I don’t know why i haven’t tried blogging before as I’m always looking for space to vent my ideas! The book is the first Southern Fried Fantasy! Stay tuned to find out what that means!